Quickly Fix Dns Server Unavailable

The DNS server unavailable is a common and annoying error of the DNS server. But you don’t have to panic. Fortunately, you can resolve this DNS server error simply by yourself! You will learn a few simple and effective ways to resolve this DNS server issue. Read on to find how:

What Is A DNS Server?

DNS is the short form of Domain name system which essentially interprets a site name into an IP (internet protocol) address for retrieving information. Think of it as a huge directory that makes the net function! However, it runs in a decentralized system, denoting pieces of it are all across the place, and there is a ton that can go awry. Let us see what can help you resolve this problem!

How To Resolve The DNS Server Unavailable Problem ?

The root of the DNS server message can frequently be traced back to your server outage. In such states, the DNS server is unavailable temporarily. Mostly, such issues problems can be corrected by switching some of the firewall settings, changing browsers, or restarting the router. But if that does not work, then other solutions are also provided for your ease.Solve Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Solution#1: Change The Web Browser

For ruling out that the DNS server issue is not being reasoned by the web browser, do a simple test by trying to sign into the preferred web page with some alternative apps. The web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer make up a few of the most conventional choices. If you are capable of fixing the DNS server problem just by switching browsers, then check the preferred app’s settings and make certain you are utilizing the latest version of it. Certain situations might need to uninstall the app and installing it again.

Solution#2: Flush The DNS

  • From the keyboard, hit the Windows + R button simultaneously for invoking the Run dialog box.
  • Enter cmd.exe in the search bar > press Enter for opening the Command Prompt.


  • In your Command Prompt window, enter ‘ipconfig /flushdns,’ ‘ipconfig /release,’ ‘ipconfig /renew’ commands > press Enter after each command.

Dns Server Unavailable

  • Close your window and check if the problem is resolved. If unluckily the issue is still there, move on to the next solution.

Solution#3: Restart Your Router

The DNS server issue can frequently be resolved by restarting your server. The majority of devices comprise a power button, particularly for this reason. Should it fail to provide any results, then it looks like a rigid reboot might be coming up; it is accomplished just by pulling out the power plug. Wait about thirty seconds until all of the electrical parts have totally powered down before starting up your device again. Should you get this DNS server error after having done the first two steps, then the only option remaining is to select some alternative DNS server.Solve Critical process died

Solution#4: Deactivate The Firewall

In case you are not capable of achieving the desired results just by changing your browsers, then the next thing is to exclude the Windows Firewall as the possible cause. Pull up your control panel and deactivate your firewall temporarily. If you are now capable of accessing your preferred site, then it looks like you have identified your Firewall as the source of the DNS server issue. Next, check its configuration. Should the DNS server issue continue even after deactivating your firewall, then your DNS server might yet prove to be the reason for the issue.

Solution#5: Run The Network Troubleshooter Using The Administrator Rights

  • Hit Windows + I key for opening the Settings menu > click Update and Security.
  • Choose Troubleshoot from your left-hand menu.
  • Under the Troubleshoot, click the Internet Connections > Run your troubleshooter.
  • Follow further on-screen instructions to run your troubleshooter.
  • Reboot the computer for saving the changes you have made.

Solution#6: Automatically Obtain The DNS Server Address

  • Open the Control Panel > click Network & Internet.
  • Then, click on Network & Sharing Center > Change adapter settings.
  • Choose the Wi-Fi > right-click on it > choose Properties.
  • Now, choose TCP/IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) > click Properties.
  • Tick the Automatically Obtain an IP address option and automatically Obtain DNS server address option.
  • Then, close everything, and you might be capable of resolving the DNS Server may be an unavailable issue.

Solution#7: Utilize The Free DNS Servers Of Google

  • If you’re still facing the same DNS server unavailable problem, you have to change the DNS servers. Utilize the free DNS Servers of Google for getting rid of this issue.
  • Simply open the Network Connections menu > right click on the broadband connection > choose Properties for viewing its content.


  • From the Broadband Connection Properties, there will emerge the Internet Protocol Version 4 that ought to be chosen > click on Properties.
  • Tick the radio button utilizes the Following DNS Server addresses option. From the box before Preferred DNS server, you ought to append 8. 8. 8. 8 > in the Alternate DNS server you ought to enter 8. 8. 4. 4 > hit OK for saving such DNS servers.


Now, you’ll be utilizing the faster DNS servers, and there’ll be no more problems now.

Solution#8: Disable The Proxy

  • Hit Windows + R Key > enter msconfig > click OK.
  • Choose the boot tab > tick Safe Boot > click Apply > OK.
  • Then, restart the computer and once the PC is restarted hit Windows + R key again > enter inetcpl.cpl.
  • Click Ok for opening the internet properties > from there choose Connections.
  • Uncheck utilize a proxy server for the LAN > hit OK.
  • Again open the msconfig > uncheck the Safe boot > click apply > OK.
  • Restart the computer, and you might be capable of resolving this DNS Server error.

Solution#9: Make Certain Your Windows Is Updated

  • Hit the Windows + I button from your keyboard > choose Update and Security.
  • Click on the Check for updates and make certain to install all the pending updates if any.
  • After your updates are installed successfully, restart the computer for saving all the changes.

Solution#10: Check If The Computer Is Connected Properly

At times the DNS server may be unavailable error can emerge if the PC is not connected properly to the router or modem. Few people have reported that this DNS server issue occurred because their computer was directly connected to their modem instead of the router. If you utilize both router and modem, be certain to check if the computer is connected properly.

Solution#11: Make A Hosts File

If you can’t access one or numerous sites just because the DNS server is unavailable, try to make hosts file, which might permit access to the sites even before your DNS server is not configured yet:

  • Hit Windows + S button from the keyboard > enter Notepad.
  • Right-click on the related option < choose Run as admin.
  • Click File > click on Open.
  • Go to the path: C:\\Windows\\System32\\drivers\\etc\\hosts. NOTE: when you access the etc. location, it looks that it is empty, while it is not. You can go into the work hosts in the File Name box while in the etc. folder > hit Open.
  • Next, type the IP (internet protocol) address of the site that you desire to access and its domain name from the bottom of your notepad’s window. Save the file and see if you can access the required site.

Solution#12: Troubleshooting The Network Driver Problems

If you are having issues with any of the above steps while resolving the DNS server issue, update the drivers for the:

  • Network Controller
  • Motherboard
  • USB Controllers
  • Wi-fi Card

If you have damaged or outdated drivers, it can be affecting the network connection. Since you cannot download them on the PC if you have no network access, you might have to utilize a separate PC and a USB drive for acquiring the new files. If you had a tool such as Driver easy that can update all the required drivers automatically, it might not have been an issue.

The DNS server unavailable error message is a common issue that can happen on almost any computer, but we hope that you have managed to resolve this DNS server issue by utilizing one of our solutions mentioned above.

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